Charging Ports Replacement $25

Apple Iphone 4 LCD replacement   = $39

Apple iphone 5 LCD replacement   = $55

Apple iphone 5c LCD replacement  =$55

Apple iphone 5s LCD replacement = $55

Apple iphone 6 LCD replacement   = $65

Apple iphone 6 Plus LCD replacement  = $75

Apple iphone 6s LCD Replacement      = $85

Apple iphone 6s Plus LCD replacement =$99

Apple iphone 7 LCD replacement          = $99

Apple iphone 7 plus LCD replacement   = $125

Shattered Glass? No Display? No Problem. Most screen repairs have a quick turn-around time. You should have your device back in a working condition within no time. Call One Of Our Technicians For A Quote 888-927-2437

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 Class replacement $25

Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 LCD Replacement $55

Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD replacement         $99

Samsung Galaxy  S6 LCD replacement        $188

Samsung Galaxy  S7 LCD replacement        $199

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LCD replacement   $165  

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LCD replacement   $219



Charging port repair 

Is your device not charging up? You might just have a bad charging port. Charging port repairs are common at the phone repair shop.

If you have an item that need repair ,Wireless Warehouse USA Repair Department will look at your handset and will give an estimate for repair , if you can not fixed the item, you will not charger for the service.

LCD ( Screen ) Replacement 

Business Hours : 9am-5.30PM


Most of our repairs come with a 30 Days Limited Warranty

(warranty void if physical or liquid damage is sustained)